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2021 Theses

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In Folder: Master of Architecture Theses

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Mohamed Elmorshedy

Architecture and society; Space (Architecture); City planning, Social aspects; Public spaces, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans

Alex Sauer

Homelessness; Homeless persons, Housing; Homeless persons, Health and hygiene; Shelters for the homeless, Designs and plans

David Bohrer

Sea level; Architecture, Conservation and restoration; Flood damage prevention; Historic sites, Rhode Island, Newport; Coastal engineering, Rhode Island, Newport, Designs and plans

Andrew Therrien

Open spaces, Social aspects; Pedestrian areas; Urban landscape architecture; Public spaces, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans

Andrea Symonds

Rental housing, Massachusetts, Boston; Flexible structures; Apartments, Designs and plans; Apartment buildings, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans

Hannah Clark

Public housing, Social aspects; Neighborhoods; Public spaces; Apartment houses, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans

Rebecca Klanchesser

Homeless persons, Housing; Abandoned buildings, Remodeling for other use; Shelters for the homeless, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans

Nathan Violette

Cold storage industry, History; Industrial buildings, Remodeling for other use; Urban agriculture; Mixed-use developments, New York (State), Albany, Designs and plans; Wentworth Design Excellence Award Winner (2021)

Tyler Michael Wojcik

Architecture and biology; City planning, Environmental aspects; Sustainable architecture; Plants in architecture; Facades, Designs and plans

Yiota Karellas

Refugees, Housing; Refugee camps, Buildings, structures, etc.; Zaatari (Refugee camp); Marketplaces, Designs and plans

Lindsay Woodward

Environmentalism; Franklin Park (Boston, Mass.); Transcendentalism (New England); Nature centers, Designs and plans

Madison Tebbetts

Corridors; Learning, Social aspects; Group work in education; School buildings, Massachusetts, Methuen, Designs and plans

Jose Cata

Architecture, Psychological aspects; Nature, Healing power of; Communities; Mental health facilities, New Hampshire, Designs and plans

Nathan Karlsen

Architecture, Technological innovations; Architecture and time; Flexible structures; Modular construction; City planning, New York (State), New York; Henry Adams Medal awardee (2021)

Michael Riley

Salvage (Waste, etc.); Ships, Remodeling for other use; Shipping containers; Refugees, Housing; Shelters for the homeless, Designs and plans

Kaitlyn Darveau

Architecture, Environmental aspects; Industrial buildings, Remodeling for other use; Sustainable architecture; Riverfronts, Maine, Waterville, Designs and plans

Shawn Canuel

Architecture, Environmental aspects; Wildlife; Habitat (Ecology); Nature centers, Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Designs and plans

Molly Mae Aldrich

Modular construction; Communities; Communal living; Flexible structures; Architecture, Domestic, Designs and plans

Danielle McDonnell

Stairs; Staircases; Architecture, Human factors; Landscape architecture; Cemeteries, Designs and plans

Jessica Swenson

Veterans, Mental health, Treatment; Military bases, Massachusetts, Remodeling for other use; War memorials; President's Award winner (2021)

Gwen Harvey

Housing; Architecture, Environmental aspects; City planning, Social aspects; City planning, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; Wentworth Design Excellence Award winner (2021)

Marcus Delpe

Coastal changes; Coastal engineering; Flood damage prevention; Urban planning, New York (State), New York

Angela Grant

Nature, healing power of; Senses and sensation in architecture; Light in architecture; Substance-abuse treatment centers, Massachusetts, Worcester, Designs and plans

Tarida (Jenny) Choeimalai

Squatter settlements, Thailand, Bangkok; City planning, Thailand, Bangkok; Marketplaces, Thailand, Bangkok, Designs and plans; Bamboo construction

Lily Reiner

Gentrification; Communities; Community life; Public spaces, Maine, Portland, Designs and plans

Sarah Jane Young

Architecture and time; Architecture and memory; Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922; Architecture, Human aspects; Architectural drawing

Alva Daja Shkoza

Architecture, Human factors; Human body; Motion; Choreography; Ferry terminals, Designs and plans; Wentworth Design Excellence Award winner (2021)

Camile Harvanek

Shared housing; Color in architecture; Home; Housing, Cooperative, Designs and plans

Alegria Paez

Light in architecture; Daylighting; Shades and shadows in architecture; Sacred space; Religious architecture

Robert Michael Dortona

Architects and community; Community development; Architecture, Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Architecture, domestic, Massachusetts, Boston

Danielle DiNoia

Memorialization; Memorials, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans; African Americans; Architecture, Human factors; Alpha Ro Chi Medal winner (2021)

Shuxin Huang

Interactive art; Motion pictures and architecture; Art museums; Silos, Remodeling for other use; Museum buildings, Designs and plans

Daniel Deodato

Suburbs, Massachusetts, Boston; Architecture, Domestic, Designs and plans; City planning, Social aspects; Housing

Daniel Bryer

Homelessness; Homeless persons, Housing; Homeless persons, Dwellings, Designs and plans; Architecture, Human factors; Homeless persons, Employment

James Anderson

Building materials, Environmental aspects; Buildings, Energy conservation; Ecological houses, Designs and plans; Architecture, Domestic, Environmental aspects; Exterior walls, Thermal properties; Dwellings, Insulation

Matthew Nguyen

Seal level, Environmental aspects; City planning, New York (State), New York; Flood damage prevention; Waterfronts, New York (State), New York, Designs and plans

Lauren Farnan

Trees; Forests and forestry, Social aspects; Forests and forestry, Technological innovations; Parks, Massachusetts, Foxborough, Designs and plans

Lane Couture

Wood; Forest fires; Building, Wooden; Charred wood as building material; Fireproofing; Edward Allen Student Award winner (2021)

Kayta Balsamo

Refugee camps, Bangladesh, Designs and plans; Refugees, Housing; Rohingya (Burmese people); Squatter settlements; Wentworth Design Excellence Award winner (2021)

Stephen Kaufmann

Community development; Industrial buildings, Remodeling for other use; Textile industry, Massachusetts, New Bedford; Museum buildings, Massachusetts, New Bedford, Designs and plans

Armaan Michael

Mississippi River Delta (La.), Environmental conditions; Architecture, Environmental aspects; Plants in architecture; Aquaculture; Water and architecture

Thomas B. Caruso

Forestry management; Forestry and community; Wood-frame buildings, Designs and plans; Building, Wooden

Allison West

Weathering of buildings; Architecture and time; Architecture, Conservation and restoration; Facades, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans

Leah Rogoz

Yellowstone National Park, Buildings, Structures, etc.; Corridors (Ecology); Elk, Behavior; Underground construction; Nature Centers, Yellowstone National Park, Designs and plans

Kyle Doner

Flood damage prevention; Sea level, Environmental aspects; Sea walls; Seaside architecture, Massachusetts, Boston, Designs and plans

Ferdinan Baillargeon

Seal level, Environmental aspects; Marine pollution; Seaside architecture, Panama, Gun Yala, Designs and plans; Flood damage prevention

Colin Willett

Architectural drawing; Architecture and society; Gentrification; Architecture, Economic aspects; City planning, Massachusetts, Boston

Torin Jacob Perry Mizuno

Flood damage prevention; Tsunamis; Tsunami resistant design; Seaside architecture, Indenisia, Sumatra, Banda-Aceh, Designs and plans

Taynara Glagau Da Silva

Architecture and society; Urban landscape architecture, Brazil, Curitiba, Designs and plans; Sustainable urban development; Squatter settlements; Flood damage prevention

Nebile Gorenoglu

Office buildings, Environmental aspects; Office buildings, Remodeling for other use; Mixed-use developments, New York (State), New York, Designs and plans; Sustainable urban development; Thesis Award winner (2021)

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